The mission of the Mediator is to provide Albanian citizens with another opportunity to resolve their conflicts and disputes, with an alternative Civil way; Mediation.

Our goal is to help reform our justice system, law enforcement, promote integrity, moral values, and end a dispute with a smile and a handshake.

Law 10385 dt. 24.02.2011, recognizes the mediator the right to resolve disputes out of court. “With mediation, both parties win” and “A disagreement ends in an agreement” is the mediator’s motto. Mediation is an alternative to solving civil or criminal disputes, since the experience of other countries is more efficient, quick and economical, where the parties themselves decide.
Not every dispute must necessarily be resolved in court. Mediation is that way of solution, in which the parties have no chance to lose, there is no judge or prosecutor to decide for them, and both parties always win.
The mediator is the person who legislates the agreement of the parties and gives this agreement the power of the executive title, or in other words, makes it possible for the agreement of the parties to be equal to a final court decision.

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Why choose mediation?

Mediation is the shortest way, which avoids any negative side of a disagreement. In this way, we avoid the costs of:

Above all, if we are going to spend 1-5 or more years of time for a court case, we can solve it within a day.
Mediation now, especially in recent years, has left all the clients of our law firm satisfied, as there was some skepticism, but in the end they came out satisfied, where the most important thing is that the parties win and there are no further conflicts. after closing the agreement.

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