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The right to property is one of the most important rights a person can enjoy. We talk about property rights, for example when we buy a house: by becoming its owner, we can do what we want with that property, even sell it or give it to others or abandon it for a while.

In the legal language, it is defined as a real right, that is, one of those rights thanks to which each of us has the opportunity to exercise power over his own things (over his own goods) or that belong to other people.

Real rights are distinguished according to the type of property in question: if the property is private – it is our property – we are talking about the right of ownership, which offers us the opportunity to use it as we wish; if the property, on the other hand, belongs to another person, we can exercise limited real rights over it, i.e. we still have the possibility to use it in a completely legal way (for example with usufruct).

The importance of private property in our lives is confirmed by the fact that this issue is dealt with not only by the Civil Code, but also by our Constitution and a series of special laws born in time.

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Complete services in the process of licensing, registration, selection of the most suitable commercial form to exercise the activity for domestic and foreign citizens, as well as the resolution of conflicts during the exercise of activity and intellectual property.

Conflict resolution, keeping in mind the principles established by Albanian legislation and the principles of international law in the protection of property rights, in order to create a fair and long-term practice.

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